MissionMap Technical & Business Update: March 2022

By MissionMap Team|March 19th, 2022

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Welcome to MissionMap's next techinal and business update. We are very pleased to inform everyone that our MissionMap project has now made new developments with the results achieved in March 2022 on the following activities:

1. Update MissionMap Beta Application version.

In preparation for our public launch, we're working on building a beta MissionMap app to give users the most authentic view of what we're looking to build. Following the construction of MissionMap Beta in February 2022, in early March 2022 we have done it

    1. Edit interface
    2. Process data for smoother and better effects.
    3. Design dashboard interfaces for Shark
    4. Fix bugs

2. Smart contract Mission Token and LOT

    1. Write smart contract version 1.0 for Mission Token according to BEP20. standard
    2. Write smart contract version 1.0 for LOT NFT according to BEP721 standard

3. Working with strategic partners

Although not officially launched, in order to have a solid foundation of resources and future collaborations for MissionMap, Mr. Long Hoang - CEO & Founder of MissionMap had a trip to the USA to join a mission. Big event about real estate aims to:

    1. Worked with Boston University of Massachusetts blockchain professor to partner with MissionMap and gained professor's backing with the MissionMap project
    2. Reach an agreement with the president of KW Japan in planning to build a Tiger Network alliance, including members who are leaders of real estate exchanges of countries such as Japan, Dominican Republic, ... in which blockchain will be an in the content that countries will participate in the real estate industry. This is a step towards preparing MissionMap's connected to the future internationally.
    3. Having an in-person meeting in Silicon Valley, USA with advisor - Hung Tran - about the orientation and development of the MissionMap project and continued to receive a lot of contributions in terms of vision and support from advisors. . Talented CEO of GotIt. Hung Tran is the CEO of a rare Vietnamese technology startup that is successful in Silicon Valley with the successful fundraising of 25M USD here. Advisor also shared with MissionMap how GotIt has incorporated AI technology into successful moves, partnering with 320 universities with a team full of "Silicon godfathers," attracting top talent from the biggest companies like Microsoft, Google… and generating sweet millions of dollars in revenue every month.

March is a volatile month for the cryptocurrency market, but with what the project has been building in the past 2 weeks, it promises to be the best preparation for the next phase of the project. We will continue to update the project status in late March and early April, please look forward to more results and hot news from the project.

About MissionMap

MissionMap is the first NFT project to combine Do-Mission-To-Earn, Do-Business-To-Earn, Create-To-Earn, and Play-To-Earn into one unique metaverse.

The concept of MissionMap is based on the common need to delegate tasks (e.g. collecting data, marketing, checking-in, etc.). MissionMap is the place where players can create or hunting all these missions, complete them and make an earning. Architect can create digital assets, Businessmen have more customers and Investors can make passive income in MissionMap. We believe an economy based on the real world is the missing piece to build a complete, sustainable metaverse.

Our Mission is to build this reality-based metaverse to the fullest. Join now to be a part of this Mission!

Learn more: https://missionmap.io/

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