MissionMap Technical & Business Update: Mid Of June 2022

By MissionMap Team|June 24th, 2022

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We look forward to welcoming you to the following MissionMap updates. We've had another busy month with MissionMap Beta strategies. However, the MissionMap team still did not forget to update the situation to our partners and investors on what we have achieved in mid of June 2022 as follows:

Continue adding some minor features to MissionMap Beta Application.

This time we continue to focus on perfecting the MissionMap interface to the best version. Following the recent MissionMap Beta construction, in May 2022 we have:

    1. Design the main screen interface for Mizzer.
    2. Design the screen interface for Quick Finding the task.
    3. Design the screen interface for Viewing details of the tasks.
    4. Design the screen interface for Tasks filter
    5. Complete Lucky Wheel feature

Blockchain and Incentive System

    1. Building an incentive model for the MissionMap application.
    2. Build dashboard management page for minting LOT NFT and Data Asset NFT.

Project marketing activities

Mr. Long Hoang – CEO & Founder of MissionMap – participates in prestigious Blockchain events with the participation of the most influential people in the Blockchain world today to introduce MissionMap, especially the event. “Vietnam Gaming Industry” with the participation of CZ - CEO of Binance - The world's largest Crypto Exchange and Truong Gia Binh - Chairman of FPT. Besides, there are other activities such as:

    1. Constructing hypothesis-testing cards.
    2. Building content/media marketing for MissionMap Beta Application products.
    3. Mr. Long Hoang - Founder and CEO of MissionMap attended the Vietnam Gaming Industry event. The event took place with two top speakers, Changpeng Zhao - CEO of Binance - The World's Largest Crypto Exchange, and Truong Gia Binh - Chairman of FPT, sharing about the future of Blockchain as well as Metaverse in Vietnam. Mr. Long Hoang also had an intimate conversation and learned from the experience of CZ and Mr. Truong Gia Binh to be able to apply to the MissionMap project

Through May, the crypto market was very volatile with BTC falling to $30,000 and the fall of Luna causing a lot of turmoil, but the MissionMap team is still working hard to complete the next milestone of the year. The project is to launch the Beta version to build a solid foundation for the development of the project later. Therefore, partners, please look forward to more results and hot news from the project.

About MissionMap

MissionMap is the first NFT project to combine Do-Mission-To-Earn, Do-Business-To-Earn, Create-To-Earn, and Play-To-Earn into one unique metaverse.

The concept of MissionMap is based on the common need to delegate tasks (e.g. collecting data, marketing, checking-in, etc.). MissionMap is the place where players can create or hunting all these missions, complete them and make an earning. Architect can create digital assets, Businessmen have more customers and Investors can make passive income in MissionMap. We believe an economy based on the real world is the missing piece to build a complete, sustainable metaverse.

Our Mission is to build this reality-based metaverse to the fullest. Join now to be a part of this Mission!

Learn more: https://missionmap.io/

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