MissionMap Technical & Business Update: End Of November 2022

By MissionMap Team|December 5th, 2022

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First of all, on behalf of Team MissionMap, we wish you good health and sincerely thank supporters for accompanying in the past time. November has also ended with the MissionMap team having completed and made new strides in the product development process and the MissionMap project before the end of 2022. Let's take a look at the activities that MissionMap has done in November:

1. MissionMap Beta Application

    1. Make a list of missions for the real estate market 
    2. Fixed some bugs during beta testing 
    3. Outline features to build in MissionMap beta 2.0

2. Blockchain and Incentive System

    1. Continue to improve and build the dashboard of the management page for minting LOT NFT and Data Asset NFT
    2. Modify the structure of increasing and decreasing Incentive points for the system to later convert to appropriate tokens

3. Build the output product for the results obtained from MissionMap

    1. Adjust the APIs MissionMap will generate to attach to the output
    2. Build output products for real estate tasks from MissionMap API

4. Marketing activities and other activities of the project

    1. Logo design and change - MissionMap's brand identity
    2. Mr. Long Hoang - Founder and CEO of MissionMap attended the launch event of Vietnam Blockchain Hub under Techfest - Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology. This is an excellent playground with the contribution of the Ministry of Science and Technology and national innovative start-up centers, large universities such as Vietnam National University, large corporations with a pioneering approach to blockchain in Vietnam such as FPT, Tiki, Viettel, Ahamove, Sotatek, GFI, VBI...
    3. Mr. Long Hoang was also a guest at the launching event of NFT Union - an alliance between projects and companies operating in the field of NFT in Vietnam.
    4. In addition to other activities in the field of real estate such as training sessions, and events with partner Keller Williams Vietnam, MissionMap also got the first group of potential customers to test missions in MissionMap and this is the money excellent topic for the project to bring real value not just limited to blockchain or cryptocurrency space

Although the cryptocurrency market during this period has experienced a lot of great volatility such as the collapse of FTX and the market trend is still in a bear cycle, the potential of practical Blockchain projects like MissionMap still exists. is very large. Team MissionMap is still focusing on product development and waiting for the right time to launch in the near future

In the near future, we will announce an estimated development roadmap in 2023 so that supporters can understand the direction and plan of the project. Therefore, supporters, please look forward to more results and hot news from the project.

About MissionMap

MissionMap is the first NFT project to combine Do-Mission-To-Earn, Do-Business-To-Earn, Create-To-Earn, and Play-To-Earn into one unique metaverse.

The concept of MissionMap is based on the common need to delegate tasks (e.g. collecting data, marketing, checking-in, etc.). MissionMap is the place where players can create or hunting all these missions, complete them and make an earning. Architect can create digital assets, Businessmen have more customers and Investors can make passive income in MissionMap. We believe an economy based on the real world is the missing piece to build a complete, sustainable metaverse.

Our Mission is to build this reality-based metaverse to the fullest. Join now to be a part of this Mission!

Learn more: https://missionmap.io/

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