MissionMap Technical Updates – April 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the development of MissionMap – the successful completion and packaging of the closed beta version. This marks a momentous achievement for our project, as we introduce the first-ever closed beta version to our users, providing them with an exclusive opportunity to experience MissionMap’s capabilities firsthand.

Exploring the Closed Beta Version

In this initial closed beta release, users can now access MissionMap and actively participate in missions within their respective geographical areas, both on the map interface and task card interface. The closed beta version allows users to discover, engage, and complete missions, fostering a seamless and immersive experience within their local communities.

Rewards and Reputation Building

Upon successful completion of missions, users are rewarded with incentives, further incentivizing active engagement on the platform. Additionally, we have introduced a reputation system, where users earn reputation points based on their contributions and participation. The reputation system serves as an essential element to encourage collaboration and build a trustworthy community within the application.

An Essential Milestone – MVP for Project Validation

This closed beta version represents the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of MissionMap, a critical step in validating our project’s underlying model. The closed beta enables us to gather valuable user feedback, identify potential areas for improvement, and refine our platform based on real-world usage.

The Future of MissionMap

As we move forward, we are committed to further enhancing the user experience and expanding the scope of MissionMap. The closed beta marks an essential juncture in the project’s development, and we are eager to continue iterating and optimizing the platform to bring the vision of a revolutionary gig economy powered by blockchain and location-based technologies to life.

Join the MissionMap Journey

We are immensely grateful to our community and supporters, whose invaluable feedback and engagement have been instrumental in shaping the closed beta version. Together, we are building a future where individuals, businesses, and communities thrive in a decentralized gig economy.

Stay connected with us for more exciting updates as we journey towards a more connected and empowered world through MissionMap.

Join the MissionMap revolution and be part of a groundbreaking gig economy powered by cutting-edge technology.


MissionMap Team