MissionMap Technical & Business Update: April 2023

By MissionMap Team|May 8th, 2023

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First of all, on behalf of Team MissionMap, we wish you good health and sincerely thank our supporters for accompanying and supporting us in the past time.

MissionMap is excited to announce that in the past month of April, we have achieved many milestones and received very positive news from the project. Let's take a look together at the activities that MissionMap has accomplished in April.

1. MissionMap Beta Application

    • Adjusted and implemented bug fixes backlog in the closed beta.
    • Build APIs for MissionMap to connect with SharkLand and another 3rd parties

2. Build the output for the results obtained from MissionMap - SharkLand

    • Load real estate data onto the map 
    • Load utility data onto the map. The data includes hospitals, schools, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, etc... 
    • Load real estate project data onto the map
    • Load land price data onto the map

3. Marketing activities and other activities of the project

    • Mr. Long Hoang - CEO & Founder of MissionMap has signed a MOU with Zellys (the largest NFT company in Korea) to develop and build NFT and implement MissionMap for the Korean market.
    • Mr. Long Hoang - CEO & Founder of MissionMap went to Malaysia to collaborate with the community and real estate investors to create a connection and develop future real estate missions on the Sharkland and MissionMap platforms.

The cryptocurrency market experienced strong fluctuations in April and there are still no signs of determining an upward cycle of the market. Nevertheless, the MissionMap team has completed the first version of the SharkLand application (the output application for MissionMap), which is a commendable effort and a worthy achievement of the team in the past month of April. This can help the MissionMap project not only have significance in terms of mission reward but also have significance for the task creator themselves as the data collected from the mission has great value.

The MissionMap team will continue to develop and test the product, so supporters can look forward to more results and hot news from the project.

Wishing you all good health and success!

About MissionMap

MissionMap is the first NFT project to combine Do-Mission-To-Earn, Do-Business-To-Earn, Create-To-Earn, and Play-To-Earn into one unique metaverse.

The concept of MissionMap is based on the common need to delegate tasks (e.g. collecting data, marketing, checking-in, etc.). MissionMap is the place where players can create or hunting all these missions, complete them and make an earning. Architect can create digital assets, Businessmen have more customers and Investors can make passive income in MissionMap. We believe an economy based on the real world is the missing piece to build a complete, sustainable metaverse.

Our Mission is to build this reality-based metaverse to the fullest. Join now to be a part of this Mission!

Learn more: https://missionmap.io/

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