MissionMap CEO & Founder, Mr. Long Hoang, Spearheads Innovation at Cicion Urban Cultural & Industrial Forum

Ho Chi Minh City, June 10th 2023 – The second edition of the Cicion Urban Cultural & Industrial Forum brought together an impressive array of leading businesses from Vietnam and South Korea. Among the esteemed participants was Mr. Long Hoang, the CEO & Founder of MissionMap, who played a significant role as both the Head of the Youth Business Association (YBA) organizing committee and a panelist in the technology and potential cooperation discussion between the two nations.

The Cicion Forum, a platform for fostering collaboration and exploring opportunities in urban cultural and industrial spheres, attracted top enterprises and key representatives from Vietnam and South Korea. Distinguished guests, including the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and the Director of the Department of Information and Communications, enriched the event’s prestigious lineup.

As a panelist, Mr. Long Hoang brought his expertise and visionary insights to the discussion on technology and the potential for collaboration between Vietnam and South Korea. His presence added value to the exploration of how these two nations can leverage innovative technologies to drive mutual growth and development.

At the event, MissionMap showcased its groundbreaking project through an exhibition booth, providing guests with a glimpse into the platform’s transformative capabilities. The project received enthusiastic feedback from attendees, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the gig economy and location-based applications in Vietnam and beyond.

MissionMap: Empowering the Gig Economy through Blockchain Integration

MissionMap, under the guidance of Mr. Long Hoang’s visionary leadership, has carved a niche as a pioneering location-based platform that seamlessly integrates blockchain technology. Its innovative approach empowers users to create, discover, and complete tasks in a location-based setting, revolutionizing the concept of digital ownership and rewards.

The participation of MissionMap at the Cicion Forum aligns with the project’s commitment to driving advancements in the gig economy. The platform offers a dynamic and user-friendly interface, attracting individuals and businesses alike to participate in missions and earn rewards, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem for the gig economy.

Fostering Collaborations at Cicion Forum

The Cicion Urban Cultural & Industrial Forum served as a catalyst for fostering partnerships and collaborations among businesses from Vietnam and South Korea. With Mr. Long Hoang’s prominent role at the event, MissionMap demonstrated its dedication to exploring opportunities for cooperation and growth on an international scale.

As a testament to the project’s significance, the enthusiastic response from guests at MissionMap’s exhibition booth reaffirms the project’s potential to make a profound impact in the gig economy landscape.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future

As the Cicion Forum came to a close, the spirit of collaboration and innovation it fostered resonates in the minds of all participants. MissionMap’s presence and Mr. Long Hoang’s contributions have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the participants, propelling the project forward in its mission to redefine the gig economy through blockchain technology.

As MissionMap continues to pioneer advancements in the location-based application space, the project remains committed to its vision of empowering individuals and businesses with transformative opportunities. With the support of strategic partnerships and collaborations, MissionMap sets its sights on a promising future, playing a pivotal role in shaping the gig economy landscape in Vietnam and beyond.