Core Team

Long Hoang

Founder - CEO

He is Founder BlockchainHub.vn Alliance - one of the best Alliance in cryptocurrency in Vietnam. He is also CEO & Founder SharkLand application and SharkAgent application. He is only one ROP of Keller Williams Vietnam - a member of number 1 real estate franchised company in the world

Hung Hoang


Master of computer science and used to be teaching assistant in HCM University of Technology. Having 10 years for mobile and web applications develop and 2 years experience in blockchain technology. Although he knows many programming language such as: Java, C, C++, C#, Php, Swift, Kotlin, Solidity,.. but he always has passion for Javascript, Reactjs, and React Native

Luan Hoang


Project manager and fullstack developer. Working 3 years in VNG and having 10 years for many startup companies about mobile and web application

Mai Nguyen


Regional Operations Manager at Keller Williams Vietnam. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. Skilled in Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Project Management, Operating real estate agent

Jayz Nguyen

Zuki Moba CMO

He has 11+ years of experience as a marketing manager at OKIA International/ CEO at Entrepreneur Realty Partners Experienced Sales And Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial real estate industry. Skilled in Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Sales Leadership Training, and Leadership Development. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in International Business from TDT University.

Thang Le

Real Estate Leader

Master of Business Administration/ CEO at Ereal Academy/Coaching at NLP/ Coaching Manager Keller Williams Vietnam/ Member Of The Board Of Management Keller Willliams Vietnam

Toan Do

Event/Marketing Leader

Member of the Executive Board - Head of Events and Technology/ Graduated in Multimedia Communication from French/ Industrial Institute International Certificate of Project Management (FMIT Institute)/Certificate of Integrated Marketing Communication (Vietnam Marcom)/Certificate of Basic Neuro Science, Master Facilitator, Leadership Best Practices Trainer (ActionCoach)/Master of Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

Vinh Le

Biz/Architecture Leader

Chairman of the board & CEO of LE VIN Group/ CEO of LE VIN LAND/ Graduated in University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City

Hai Nguyen

Biz/Realestate Leader

- Master of engineering in Changwon National University Korea/Founder CEO: CEO K35 Group JSC/ CEO Long Dien Thuy Co.ltd/15 years experience in business and legal for real estate

Thinh Lam

construction leader

Construction Engineer - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT). Director of Hung Thinh Phu Construction Investment Company Limited.With more than 15 years of experience in civil construction and industrial, especially Villa projects in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

Phung Dinh

Backend Leader

He has 10 years experience in technology and social network. He is the main lead backend of many application based on Java, Go or NodeJS

Hoan Do

Senior Fullstack & Team Leader

He has a huge enthusiasm for technologies and business management. After graduating from the Master’s program in Computer Science, EPFL, Switzerland in 2014, he gained vast experience while working for Swiss firms and co-founding a Vietnamese e-commerce site - YesIwant. Being awarded first prize in the “National Programming Contest for Gifted Students Vietnam” in 2006, further increased his great passion of coding and hunger for career growth and advancement.

Tuan Tran

Frontend Lead

2 year experience in mobile and web frontend. Woking with 3 projects with Kotlin, Vue programing language

Hieu Hoang

Operation Manager

More than 2 years in operation manager in startup company.

Tuyen Vo

Marketing Assistant

She has 1 years experience in marketing assistant in startup company.

Lam Le

Tester Leader

More than 3 years in tester leader in startup company



Hung Tran

Ph.D - Founder Got It Inc/ Silicion Valley

Dr. Hung Tran is the founder of Got It, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based tech startup developing a next-generation Conversational AI platform focused on Customer Experience Management. Leveraging Transfer Learning and the paradigm shift in NLP caused by Transformers. The company is led by an experienced executive team, including former executives from tech giants like Google, Lyft, Oracle, Uber, Amazon, etc., and is headquartered in Silicon Valley with an engineering team in Hanoi, Vietnam, and a data science team in Delhi, India. The company has raised over $25M in funding from well-known investors in Silicon Valley like Capricorn Investment Group, which is also an early investor of SpaceX, Tesla, and PlanetLabs. [show_more more=More less=Less color=#4D0AA4 align=“center”] Dr. Hung Tran is also the founder of STEAM for Vietnam Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to bring world-class STEAM education to the Vietnamese for free. STEAM for Vietnam is operated by talented Vietnamese volunteers around the world who are passionate about helping younger Vietnamese generations become more competitive in the global marketplace through a strong foundation of STEAM education. Dr. Hung Tran received the U.S. Government's VEF Fellowship in 2007 and obtained his Ph.D. in computer science focusing on AI/data mining and big data analytics from the University of Iowa in 2012. Before the Fellowship, he served as the leader of the Vietnam OpenCourseWare Project, working with MIT and Rice University to build a national-scale open courseware program from inception to launch serving millions of college students in Vietnam. In the public sector, Dr. Tran serves as a member of the Advisory Group for Vietnam Prime Minister's National Committee for Education and Training Reform, and as a member of the Council of School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology where he got his bachelor of engineering in information technology. Additionally, Dr. Tran is a founding member of the Industry Advisory Board of the College of Business, VinUniveristy. Dr. Tran is a recipient of numerous national and international technology and entrepreneurship awards. [/show_more]

Cuong Vong

Founder Boomerang, Kompa group/Sillicon Valley/ Senior Partner at ESP Capital

Vong Thanh Cuong is Founder of Boomerang - the leading social media listening company in Vietnam. His clients are the people who own brands such as Unilever, Nokia, and VNG. Before Boomerang, he started his career at an American software company, including working for the US office in Silicon Valley for a year. In 2005, Mr. Cuong returned hometown to establish Yobanbe.com, a website similar to Facebook's social network. Along with Yahoo 360 of Yahoo, Mr. Cuong's Yobanbe.com is considered the first social network in the Vietnam market. [show_more more=More less=Less color=#4D0AA4 align=center] After a year of operation, Yobanbe had more than 100,000 users and was merged into VNG, renamed ZingMe. Mr. Cuong continued to participate in building community service features for ZingMe social network until 2009. By 2010, Facebook entered Vietnam and began to attract a large number of users in domestic. Soon realizing that the need for connection and information sharing would flourish from this social network, Mr. Cuong founded Boomerang. [/show_more]

Tho Quan

Associate Professor - Ph.D - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Dr. Tho Quan is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), Vietnam. He received his Ph.D degree in 2006 from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His current research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods and Blockchain. Currently, he heads the Department of Software Engineering of the Faculty. He was awarded many research grants in various levels, including the famous NAFOSTED national grant. [show_more more=More less=Less color=#4D0AA4 align=center] Beside academic activities, Dr. Tho has also been a R&D consultant for YouNet company, in charge of machine learning techniques (like sentiment analysis or text mining) being developed at http://www.younetmedia.com/socialheat-social-monitoring. In 2017, Dr. Tho led a pilot research project funded by NTU, which applied machine learning techniques to predict flight delay at Changi airport, Singapore (see local media at e.g. https://tuoitre.vn/nguoi-viet-nghien-cuu-tri-chuyen-bay-tre-cho-singapore-20171223084432904.htm). Recently, Dr. Tho has also been interested in blockchain technology. He is investigating a research project applying blockchain for logistics, funded by industry.[/show_more]

Bong Kyu Park

Korean ambassador chairman of world blockchain summit/Korea CEO Summit

Bong Kyu Park joined Hyosung Corporation in 1987 and started building his extensive experience in sales and marketing dealing with government agencies including Public Procurement Service, Korea Electric Power Corporation, etc. He held a position of CEO at Cheongjung Co., Ltd and Chair of Korea Mongol Study under the Ministry of Environment in 2000 in South Korea. He is currently President of 2080 CEO Forum, Chair of Korea CEO Summit, Chair of Creativity, Cities Culture, and Convergence Industry Conference Organizational Commission, Founder and Chair of World Blockchain Summit MARVELS. [show_more more=More less=Less color=#4D0AA4 align=center] It has been 15 years since he led high end networking, fostering exchange grounds where more than 8,000 CEOs from political, economic, social, and cultural sectors have joined. Bong Kyu Park hosted or organized a numerous international and large scale conferences such as Bill Clinton Forum inviting Bill Clinton, former president of USA in 2004; 54th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs in 2004; Korea-China Economy Forum in 2005; 5th Session of World Chinese Entrepreneur (Korea) Forum in 2010; Creativity, Cities, Culture Industry Convention of Korea-China 2014; and the Blockchain Summit Seoul in 2018. He has also operated CEO institutes such as CIMA, 4CA, CICON, and HERMES offering executive training programs for CEOs and continued to develop the Korea CEO Summit as the top CEO education and consulting firm in South Korea. [/show_more]

Lucid Hoang

Zuki Moba CTO/ Founder at UFIN/ Founder at OnicGame/ Co-founder at Vero Farm/ Advisor at Jeritex/ Advisor at Moniwar/ Latoken Vietnam Country Manager.

He has 5+ years of experience as Blockchain Project Manager and 4+ years of experience in entertainment games development for Asia market

Robert Nguyen

Co-founder, Platform Director of Digital Transformation Alliance DTS/Co-founder, General Secretary of Blockchain Alliance for Sustainable BAS

DTS Digital Transformation Alliance (Digital Transformation for SMEs) is an alliance of reputable individuals and organizations in VietNam operating in fields of e-commerce, digital services, digital technology,… with the same mission to support the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve competitiveness. Blockchain Alliance for Sustainability BAS (Blockchain Alliance for Sustainability) was founded and operated by DTS. BAS was established for cooperation and alliance of reputable organizations and individuals who understand the market and have the same desire to develop a sustainable Blockchain industry. [show_more more=More less=Less color=#4D0AA4 align=center] In addition, ten years of experience in the field of Health Technology, the Healthcare platform. Co-founder, Platform Director of ICareBase Global. ICareBase is a user-centric technology platform that helps connect solutions to help customers take proactive health care. [/show_more]

Bentley Magnate

CEO and Director of Empire World Group

He is General Manager of Retail and Market Branding: Okia, Frico, Kitchmate, Kitchapp… Project Planning of Entertainment City Human Resources and Development Base

Dan Ngo

CEO ZukiMoba

Operating 2 traditional businesses in tourism and personal rental real estate. He has 07 years of experience in Crypto investment. Training self-development thinking and team development and he has 05 years of management in the field of ADS Marketing (website, youtube, Facebook). Running development cryptof.ventures, ecoinbanks.com

Thanh Dao

Founder & CTO LaunchZone

Being a sleepless programmer since 2005 and also a sale director in Real Estate business after sunrise. I myself am, a combination between techonolgy lover & business leader, who always find most effective ways to deliver technology into business. Blockchain & its application are my most current interests

Jack Truong

Jlaunchpad COO & Founder/ UFIN COO & Co-founder/ Zuki Moba COO & Co-founder/ Maxtech Solution Founder

He has 4+ years of experience as a blockchain project manager

Lam Tuan

Owning many websites to develop personal content such as Lamtuan.com, tiendientu.com .....

10 years of content development experience. Used to work at thegioididong.com. 05 years of experience in Crypto investment

Secret Advisor

Secret Advisor

Secret Advisor


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