MissionMap: Smart City Solutions at 1st Cicion Urban Culture and Industry Forum

Hanoi, [Dec 21th 2022] – Mr. Long Hoang, the visionary CEO & Founder of MissionMap, actively participated in the inaugural 1st Cicion Urban Culture and Industry Forum held in Hanoi. As a distinguished panelist, he contributed insights to the discussion on “Blockchain: The Era of Web3.0.” The event served as a convergence point for leading businesses from Vietnam and South Korea, featuring the presence of prominent government officials from both nations. This milestone marks MissionMap as a trailblazer in technology, aiming to shape a modern and intelligent smart city.

Leading the Dialogue on Blockchain in Web3.0 Era

At the heart of the Cicion forum, Mr. Long Hoang engaged in thought-provoking discussions surrounding blockchain’s impact in the era of Web3.0. He eloquently highlighted the significance of decentralized technologies in revolutionizing industries, empowering communities, and fostering global connections. His valuable insights resonated with the audience, sparking meaningful conversations about the potential of blockchain in shaping the cities of the future.

An Assembly of Excellence in Hanoi

The Cicion Urban Culture and Industry Forum brought together an exceptional array of businesses and thought leaders from Vietnam and South Korea. The event saw an impressive attendance of government officials from both nations, further underscoring the importance of technological advancements in driving urban development and cultural transformation.

MissionMap: A Visionary Smart City Solution

MissionMap’s participation in the Cicion forum reinforced its commitment to spearheading smart city solutions driven by blockchain technology. The platform’s innovative approach to creating seamless interactions in urban settings aligns perfectly with the forum’s vision of fostering modern and intelligent cities.


Mr. Long Hoang’s active involvement in the Cicion Urban Culture and Industry Forum demonstrated MissionMap’s dedication to being at the forefront of the Web3.0 era. By contributing to the dialogue on blockchain and smart cities, MissionMap reinforces its position as a trailblazing project poised to shape the cities of tomorrow. As the company continues to pioneer the gig economy revolution with blockchain integration and NFTs, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide, fostering the realization of smarter, more connected cities for future generations.