MissionMap at 18th World Blockchain Summit Marvels 2022: Bridging the Vietnamese-Korean Community

Ho Chi Minh City, Dec 23th 2022 – MissionMap actively participated in the 18th edition of the World Blockchain Summit Marvels, a collaborative event by Vietnam Blockchain Union and World Blockchain Summit Marvels. The summit brought together nearly 2,000 attendees, including 40 distinguished speakers from South Korea and Vietnam, engaging in 13 panel discussions that fostered connections and knowledge exchange within the Vietnamese-Korean blockchain community.

Empowering Real Estate with Blockchain: A Discussion with MissionMap

Mr. Long Hoang, the Founder of MissionMap, served as the host for a stimulating panel discussion on “Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Sector.” He passionately shared MissionMap’s vision of revolutionizing the gig economy using blockchain integration and NFTs, emphasizing the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the real estate industry.

The discussion delved into the impact of blockchain on real estate transactions, property tokenization, and the potential for decentralized applications to empower individuals and businesses within the sector. Mr. Hoang’s insights garnered significant interest and sparked further exploration of blockchain’s potential in real estate among the attendees.

MissionMap’s Booth: Showcasing Innovation

In addition to the engaging panel discussion, MissionMap also had a prominent booth at the event. The booth provided a dynamic platform to introduce the project to attendees, showcasing the platform’s capabilities in revolutionizing the gig economy and fostering a global community of location-based interactions.

A Nexus of Interest and Engagement

The presence of MissionMap at the summit garnered considerable attention from attendees, including investors, media, and influential figures within the blockchain industry. The platform’s innovative approach and commitment to empowering communities through blockchain technology resonated with a diverse audience, sparking discussions about the future of decentralized applications and NFT integration.


Participating in the World Blockchain Summit Marvels 2023 was an enriching experience for MissionMap. The event provided an exceptional opportunity to connect with the vibrant Vietnamese-Korean blockchain community, share valuable insights on blockchain’s impact in real estate, and showcase the platform’s capabilities to a diverse audience. MissionMap’s active engagement in discussions and interactions with attendees further solidified its position as a trailblazer in the gig economy revolution powered by blockchain. As the project continues to forge ahead, MissionMap remains committed to empowering communities and fostering a seamless integration of blockchain technology in various industries, including real estate, in line with the evolving landscape of Web3.